Market Your Listings AND Yourself with Video

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Video is one of the best marketing tools available for real estate brokers today when it comes to online marketing and promotion of your listings, but they're also brilliant at promoting you. It's all about the numbers.

For example, if a real estate video gets 500 views, and you list 20 properties in a year, then that's around 10,000 views from buyers and sellers in your target market. So that's 10,000 people who see you, who you have a touch point with, and who become aware of your professionalism and your expertise in the marketing of homes in your area. With these videos, you're not just hitting those people with flyers and 'just listed' notes, you've got an opportunity to engage with those 10,000 people in the best possible way, or at least the next best behind meeting them face to face over a coffee.

The other thing is that we can connect every address you list with your name for the rest of time by creating a well optimized video.

So you can imagine if you create a video for the 20 listings or whatever that you have over the next 12 months, and next year you do another 40, and so on and so on, it accumulates over time. After a few years you'll have 100 or 300 addresses out there associated with you, and you have what we call a strong digital footprint. So when your local homeowner does their due diligence online, and they type in an address, that property video appears with the agent name connected to the property listing forever.

But it can even spread beyond a single address, because when others are looking at selling their home and they do a search of properties that have sold in their street, they'll type their street name and town into Google and your videos will come up if you've sold there previously and created a video. Can you see how great that would be to have all of this high quality video content out there with dozens or even hundreds of properties and streets connected with you?

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